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Sewer Scope

Save on costly repairs before it’s too late with Sewer Scopes.

Are your pipes draining slower than they should? NextStep Inspections, use a special camera to scope your sewer line to visualize any blockages that are interfering with your plumbing system’s proper drainage. Finding and addressing such problems now can head off catastrophic and expensive repairs later.

Since your pipes and sewage system are far underground, it’s impossible to determine the location of a clog without a sewer scope inspection.


  • Sewer scopes help determine any major issues with your property’s sewer line.
  • They help pinpoint problem areas and help identify the exact point of blockage
  • Just like radon, sewer issues aren’t something to take lightly

Inspections begin at $299

Pricing is based on square footage and age of home, plus any additional services requested. We will provide an exact cost of services prior to your scheduling.

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